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Copyright © 2013 Viveka Bowry, All Rights Reserved                                                        © Website Design by Sarah Jennings  2013     

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Passage Through Time

Location: Ladygrove, Matlock, Peak District
Time: Started Samhain 2012(October 31st) and completed Imbolc 2013(February 2nd)
Weather: Cold, heavy rain at times leading to very full stream, snow, sun – at various points throughout the 3 months

In the streambed below the waterfall I started to build a structure with Didi, my co-worker and assistant.

It is a corridor of stones, a conduit for the frothing, chaotic water.

We build two rows of stones in parallel lines so that a channel forms down the centre of the streambed.

This passageway will carry us down to the Winter Solstice and then up toward the growing light of Imbolc.

Three days into this project heavy rains come, falling every day for a week. Water levels grow high and the stones remain standing.

A further two days of rain, and the stones collapse. We wait until water levels subside again, and then we re-construct, finding stronger footholds for each of our statues.

In the meantime, I am planting connecting stones on the land round about. I place one on the North side of Stanton Moor, and as I walk the perimeters of this sacred site I plant a second and third stone, building a connective, energetic network with the work in progress at Ladygrove. I continue with this action until such a time when the weather allows us to complete our original structure.

On 2nd February we finish the channel. All around us water is turbulent, fast and bubbling. Our passageway provides a calm path – the water flowing into it becomes smooth with gentle ripples on its surface like silk.

One year later and this piece still stands. I can repair it frequently as it is situated near to my home.


A friend visits a Passage Through Time and her response is “An invitation for another awareness”.

My thanks to Didi who’s help made the creation of this piece possible.