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Copyright © 2013 Viveka Bowry, All Rights Reserved                                                        © Website Design by Sarah Jennings  2013     

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Notes on the Wind

Location: Sutherland Beach, N. coast of Savary Island, Nr. Lund, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

Date: 27/8/2012

Time: 11 a.m.

Savary Island sits like a resting sea horse across from Lund on the Northern Sunshine Coast. Formed from a sand bar, the north and south coastlines display long expanses of sandy beach at low tide. The north coast looks over to Powell River on the main land; the south towards Vancouver Island.

It is 11.30 a.m. The tide laps way out from where I stand, and a far-reaching stretch of white sand spans like the curve of the Eagle’s wing to meet the horizon.

At the water’s edge, large boulders sit, defying the ceaseless motion of the ocean. Crickets call from the grassy bank, signalling the gradual closure of summer. The days of warmth taper down to cooler evenings and a longer night.

I share the beach with only 3 other souls, young children lost in building their own creation in the vast canvas of sand.

I begin to gather driftwood of a particular shape, and lay it crossways along a beached tree trunk. I seek to find the minute point of balance along each piece in relation to the tree trunk. One millimetre of adjustment creates a huge impact on the balance/non-balance ability of the strut of wood. Each piece sways or gently tips from side to side in the breeze, never touching the sand. This moving fulcrum keeps shifting as the pieces of driftwood dry out in the sun. I continue to make adjustments throughout the day as the sun draws away the moisture.

This balance that we constantly search for in our own lives is such a fragile place, and yet a point of resting perfection. At this one point only, the wood hovers in the air, very gently tilting in the wind – a continual motion around her centre of gravity. And in the process of creating this land art, I come to a new understanding of my own inner process in continually moving toward a place of poise and centredness.

Each strut of wood is being played by the wind, like a string on the violin, a new musical scale of notes created with every fresh turn of the breeze. The singing tones undulate through three dimensions. Against the constant and timeless shh-shh of the ocean, she plays her vibration.

I hear you sing, you that I made here on the beach. The wind buffets across you, around and under you. All the shafts resonate with a different voice – wind play and driftwood bars create their symphony – a meld of nature, of seaward and landward breezes. Resonant song sets out her harmony on the air.