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Location: Stanage Edge, Derbyshire
Time: 11am - 2pm, 23rd August 2010
Weather: Cloudy, slight wind, chilly.

I walk along the millstone grit ridge of Stanage Edge.

Rounded slabs

Tablets of stone

Protrude out of the Earth.

Huge boulders stack on themselves, sitting proudly on the lip of the fault line.

Pools of rainwater sit in the shallow, stony hollows, held and gathered after our summer of heavy rains.

The heather in bloom hugs the peaty contours, rolling away to the far horizon. Her heady, sweet scent is lifted into the air and fills my nostrils.

I am scent

I am rock

I am earth

I am sky

I am expanse

I am water.


A large, gritty boulder - rounded, smooth and undulating sits on the Edge with scooped out bowls in its surface.

These bowls are the size of my hands cupped together.

As body - as rock

As skeleton

As form and structure

As solidity.

I gather up rainwater from a ground pool, using my cupped hands to fill this holding space in the rock.


Water, like emotion spreads to meet its boundaries. Water will flow into every crevice, crack and space. It fills every void - never ceasing to move outward until it meets a border. This water, our life force, grief, passion, and sorrow is held here in the rock.

I use my fingers to pull off the purple, round flowers of the heather - shredding them from their woody stem, to float in this rock-made chalice. The flowers sit on the water, and gently move when caught by the wind. The purple is rich against the grey, gritty stone.

Complete, held - I photograph the work. I walk away, feeling satisfied. An ephemeral creation, was not here before, now is here- a mixture of water, stone and flora and part of the elemental forces. The rainfall tonight and the wind will wash it away, returning it to the earth. In form and beauty one moment, dispersed in the cosmos the next.

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