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Flexible Spine

Location: Flume Beach, Roberts Creek, BC.

Date: 10th June

As I create this piece, selectively gathering stones, it evokes ideas of


The spine as our core

Supporting the body

Centrality and focus


After conception, a system of seven major chakras (energy centres) is the first part of us to be formed. These are aligned along a central energy channel, which later becomes the spine. The chakras form the templates for the development of the body. All nerves to the body flow to and from this central spinal channel.

Through my life long yoga practice I understand that the spine is central to our core well being. This piece honours the key importance of the flexible spine to our physical and spiritual well-being.

The spine elongates

Reaching out to ocean

Enjoying the stretch

Expanding the discs

Breathing in salt air,

She heals.