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Location:  Pratale Organic Farm, Nr. Gubbio, Umbria, Italy

Date: May 2013 - Created over a period of several days  
Weather: cloudy, rain, some sun and dry periods

I stay in a beautiful wooded Oak valley of Vallingegno - (= Vallis Genii) Valley of the Pagan God Genius. The now Catholic Church sits at the top of the valley. The crypt contains ancient carvings of the ram’s horn in stone pillars.


The Ram's horn - a sketch of the carving on stone pillars in crypt of church

This was the Pagan symbol representing Divas of the forest.

The Cerri )– the Oak leaf- is deeply significant in ancient Pagan ceremony in the region. The 15th May is still held as a major, now catholicised ceremony in Gubbio.

The grand Oak unfurls its new vibrant lime green leaves around this time, symbolising Spring - new hope and growth, along with the strength and wonder of Oak as a wood.

The site for the land artwork is a sloping terrain of flaking, unstable rock. It is perpetually crumbling and cracking in its journey of transformation into soil.

This piece is a prayer. It asks for a positive outcome to complex brain surgery that a dearly loved one is about to undergo. The aim of the operation is to re connect parts of the brain to other parts by opening up a new blood supply.

The number twelve is the number of elliptical lobes I describe using chards of the rock on the hillside. In numerology twelve represents wholeness.       

Photographs by Ryan Taylor